ROS Noetic Setup

In the last article I explained how to set up an Ubuntu laptop for use by ROS. Here I’m posting my notes about how to get ROS Noetic up and running on that laptop.

There is now a script to install everything.
Just run:

bash <(wget -qO- --no-cache

and you are done!

To update your code just run the same script again and it will pull down and compile anything new without erasing custom settings.

Next we’ll want set up Propeller Code for Arlobot

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2 thoughts on “ROS Noetic Setup”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Presently “npm” (node package manager) is missing from my version of Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.
    I had to manually install “npm” to complete the ROS installation.

    1. The setup script should have installed it. I’m not sure how that got missed. Or maybe you didn’t reboot after the setup was done and it just wasn’t in your path?

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