Test Obstacle Detection without Leaving my Chair

All of the bright colors are the graphical representation of ROS’s “Local Planner”. That is the part of the program that decides how to get from one place to another.

Making a map is one thing, but finding your way around an ever changing sea of obstacles is another.

Here I am simply testing whether the planner is detecting, marking and then clearing obstacles.

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He's just this guy, you know? Chris aka ChrisL8 aka the Hoopy Frood aka the Ekpyrotic Frood is a full time Unix Admin who likes to play with everything technology on the side. I mostly build robots here, but I also dabble in web development.

3 thoughts on “Test Obstacle Detection without Leaving my Chair”

  1. Hey Chris, what do I need equipment wise and software wise to get to a point where i can TeleOp my chassis with ROS ? So far I have:

    Bottom and Top base
    2 x SLA batteries
    Motors and Mounts
    2 x HB-25s
    Arlo Power distribution board
    Prop Activity Board
    Dell D630 Laptop
    1 – 3 PINGs.

    Can I use your single prop code for this ?

    1. Yes, I think you can. You will need to modify the single prop code to only poll the 3 PING sensors instead of all of the ones I had, but that shouldn’t be very difficult.

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